Mahdiyah Dehghani (Iran)

dehghani 1) square oberfeld (3) web dehghani 2) untitled oppermanns wiesen (2) web

dehghani 8) composition oppermanns wiesen (3) web dehghani 4) human and nature oppermanns wiesen web dehghani 6) spiral rhein web

dehghani 7) square felsenmeer web dehghani 5) lithograph dossenheim web

dehghani 3) hole auf dem sand web

Artist Statement

Nowadays, the technology growth and routines have resulted in leaving nature out of consideration and consequently causing many irretrievable damages the environment and human being. I see myself in direct contact with my surroundings. Therefore, using the natural elements in every region, I have provided some arrays to be again a link between the nature and my audience. In the other part, using the recycled materials I have wanted to establish a bridge between the traditions and introducing them to my audience .My goal to design and construct these kinds of works has been to recognize and introduce the capabilities of the recycled materials, restoring and providing them in a new construct in order to access the optimal methods to protect the environment.


Mahdiyeh Dehghani is an Iranian artist .She was born in Baft -Kerman 1979. She received B.A in graphic from Kerman Art University. She has been Responsible Manager and teacher of khaneh Honar Art Institute of Kerman since 2011. She has participated in more than 25 Environmental art festivals in Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Kerman, Qazvin, Polour, Hormuz Island, Shushtar, Isfahan, Nishaboor, Khou zestan, Gheshm Island since 2007. Her works has been exhibited internationally such as Saba Art Academy, Kenshtale Museum of Hungary, Korea, Romania, California, San Francisco, Iran artist home, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Kerman Museum of Contemporary Arts. She has received awards in painting (2003), sculpturing (2007) and environmental art (2011). She was present at the 7th Global nomadic Art Project 2016 in Iran

from previous Project: Spirale (Salakh Qeshm Island Iran, GNAP Iran 2016)

dehghani 4 web