Roger Rigorth (Darmstadt)

rigorth 1) grube messel fire line 21.8.17 web rigorth 2) oppermanns wiesen hay man 22.8.17 web

rigorth 3) gernsheim 1 no titel 23.8.17 web rigorth 4) dossenheim the frendly giant web

rigorth 6) stein und wein heppenheim line of heards 29.8.17 web rigorth 5) oberfeld here i am 22.8.17 web

Artist Statement

Wherever I find myself in the tension of modern civilization and environment, I am using my artistic abilitys to get reconnected and resourced to natural processes. Environmental Art as an answer of deep longing to feel home again. In a way I feel to bring back the forest to the people.


Roger Rigorth is a Swiss artist who lives in Germany close to Frankfurt.

Education: 1987-1990 College for Wood and Ivory Craft, Michelstadt, Germany. Since 1991 he works as an artist. 1992-1993 Travel to Poland and Irland.

Exhibitions and Symposia: from1993 in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, USA, South Korea, Australia, Namibia, China, Taiwan.

Artist Fellowships: Vermont Studio Center, Vermont, USA / Danish Artist Council, Fredericshavn, Denmark / Paul Ernst Wilke Studio, Bremerhaven / SOPA Olympic Park Authorities, Sydney, Australien / California State University Bakersfield, Bakersfield, USA / Poetic Forest Residency, Mt. Lushan, China / Fonderie Bataglia, Milano, Italy.

from previous Project: Cocooning Landscape (Geumgang Nature Art Bienale, Gongju, Südkorea 2014)

rigorth geumgang nature art bienale gongju sued korea cocooning landscape 2014 web