Imke Rust (Namibia/Berlin)

rust 1) beefossil openclose messel web

rust 2) drawingaredlineoutoftherheine web rust 3) einsteindermiraehnlichist steinbruch web

rust 4) ferncircles waldkunstpfad web

rust 5) leaveflowerspines messel web rust 6) lifeline braidedgrass oberfeld web

rust 8) redbee beekeeper otzberg web rust 7) namfelsenlandschaft steinbruch3 web

rust 9) rooting felsenmeer web rust 10) schieferfossilfind messel web

rust 10) untitled reedsquare aufdemsand web rust 11) whitelines2 oppermanwiesen web

Artist Statement

Throughout my career as an artist and curator I repeatedly questioned the purpose and possibilities of art. I experience todays art industry as weirdly disconnected from the normal everyday lives of people and my own needs. Through my art making and creative expression I explore the question: can art do more? Can the creative process and expression positively change and impact our reality in concrete ways and if yes, how?


I am a Namibian-German land art and multi-media artist. I grew up in the desert of Namibia and since 2010 I am splitting my time between my home country and Germany, between the desert and the forest. I have completed my Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts at the University of South Africa and have won Namibias most influential art competition, the Standard Bank Namibia Biennale, twice. My works were exhibited in several local and international solo and group exhibitions. Through a stipend from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in 2006 I visited Berlin for the first time.

As curator at the National Art Gallery of Namibia I gained essential insights and experience in the business and management side of the art world, which led me to initiate and manage an extensive non-profit cultural exchange project between Namibia and Berlin over five years with a German partner.

My own artistic expression is versatile, with a strong attraction towards nature and land art. I also enjoy directly sharing the joy of creativity with others, through joined projects, workshops and interventions in public spaces and via my blog.

from previous Project: Clouddance (Richmond, 2016)

rust clouddance2 richmond web