Gunjan Tyagi (India)

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Artist Statement

Gunjan is a Delhi based artist whose work explores themes of identity, roots, relationship between human, natural and social environment through mixed-media sculptures, site-specific installation, video, photographs, paintings and collaboration.

Having trained in various sculpture and paintings based disciplines, her works range from large site-specific installations to small interdisciplinary sculptures and paintings and video works. Described as simulation objects her work eliminates the boundary between usable items and sculpture - bringing together the functional with the aesthetic. Her chosen materials themselves have a nostalgic value and meaning that it perhaps hidden from their symbolism. The relationship between environment and human bodies, life and death, as well as personal reactions to the exterior is often articulated through work process. Those processes embracing accidents, surroundings, material, and accretions of surface and detail with time; accepting nature to have its way with unstable mediums, including trees, sun, salt, and water; and intensive collaboration with other fields and artists. Her paintings seem to be in the narrative tradition but infact engage the audience to create their own narratives. In her works, subjects are mostly taken from the surrounding, exploring culture, conversations and places. Nature also has been a very strong influence in her work, and she is keen to exhibit her art amidst nature and site specific locations, apart from the regular white cube.


Gunjan Tyagi, born in 1986 did her Masters in painting from Sir. J.J. School of Arts, Mumbai, She is a young visual artist and experienced in organizing workshops and residency programs, Gunjan Tyagi practices Public & nature art by attending several international art program. She has installed her works in Hungary, Japan, South Korea and Mauritius. Apart from being a Treasurer of TREES, Gunjan Tyagi is also associated with international project GLOBAL NOMADIC ART PROJECT; in Collaboration with YATOO a Korea based art organization. She works in various mediums from paintings to sculptures and nature art.

from previous Project: I+dentity (2017)

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