Ri Eung Woo (South Korea)

ri 4) meditation on hay circle 2017 08 22 web ri 2) an apple tree 2017 08 26 web

ri 1) a wirenut 2017 08 26 web ri 3) green hair 2017 08 28 web ri 5) nine stones at stonemine 2017 08 28 web ri 9) a forest man 2017 08 26 web

ri 6) pattern o geopark messel 2017 08 21 web ri 7) nine stones 2017 08 25 web

ri 11) mushroom dish 2017 08 24 web ri 12) a dragonfly 27aug2017 web

ri 8) an eye of gress geopark 2017 08 21 web ri 10) i up 8 down geopark 2017 08 21 web

Artist Statement

I have studied painting in Korea and am working in the nature for researching Nature Art. I’m also one of the founding members of YATOO which is the Korean Nature Art Association and was established in summer 1981. Up to now, I have been researching Nature Art for 36 years since 1981.

My artistic theme is man and nature. And I also have been an art teacher at public schools for 32 years in Korea. Especially the final 12 years was a wonderful period when I’ve been teaching at Chungnam art school.

Recently I’ve been retired as a teacher and began to travel for researching Nature Art in different natural regions and cultures. In the meantime, I’ve also been organizing Global Nomadic Art Projects (GNAP) since 2014.


Member of Korean Nature Artists Association-YATOO. Director of Global Nomadic Art Project(GNAP)-1959 Born in Gongju, Korea, 1994 Graduated Gongju Graduate Univ, 1994-2017 9times Solo Exhibition(Korea, Japan, Turkey)

2017 GNAP-Estern Europe 2017(Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary). 2016 Creation & Voice of the Woods (Yokohama Japan, Changwon Sculpture Biennale (Changwon, Korea). 2015 The Panel of Conorance of ISC International site-specific artists and locals join forces to celebrate the identity of a site. (Phoenix America). Residence in Duppini Simposium,(Gavrovtsi, Bulgaria). Forest Art Flowing Inspiration (Chengdu, China). GNAP-India 2015(Gujarat, India). 2014 Residence in Oranki Art (Finland). 7. Internationaler Waldkunstpfad/Kunst Biotope, (Darmstadt, Germany). 2012 The 5th Geumgang Nature Art Biennale (Gongju, Korea). 2011 Invited Creation and Voice of the Woods 2011 (Yokohama, Japan). Invited Residence In Lazarea (Lazarea, Romania). 2010 The 4th Geumgang Nature Art Biennale (Gongju, Korea) Kreis im Wald Forest Project 37° (Nürnberg, Germany). 2009 Participated Sandarbh Artists Workshop (Rajasthan India). 2008 The 3rd Geumgang Nature Art Biennale (Gongju, Korea). 2007 Invited a workshop from Moscow State Univ. of Printing Arts (Russia Moscow, Sushiniba). 2006 The 2nd Geumgang Nature Art Biennale (Gongju, Korea). 2005 Invited Floating Land Key Note Speaker (Noosa, Australia). 2004 The 1st Geumgang Nature Art Biennale (Gongju, Korea). 2002-2003 Int'l Nature Art project Exhibition (Gongju, Suwon Korea). 2003 Organized Environment exhibition Necessity & Unnecessity(Seoul Korea). 2002 Int'l Environment Art exhibition (Seoul Art Center, Korea). 2001 Int'l Art Exhibition-Environment & Ecology (Tokyo, Japan). 2000 Yokohama Open-Air Art Exhibition Kyo-So-Gaku (Yokohama Japan)

from previous Project: Dragon River (Japan, 2011)

ri dragon river 2011 japan web