Aaarti Zaveri (India)

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Artist Statement

I am a visual artist who work with nature. I am brought up in the industrial town Rajkot, Gujarat, where I lived between machines and nature. Over time, I was more inclined toward the mysteries and complexities of nature. Since then I work in various forms of art like painting, installation and public art. I work with organic materials that are eco-friendly.

My work 'Elements of Being' begins with this simple hypothesis that all of us grow in different ways but at the end we all converge in the idea of unity. During my travel to Different Ghats of River Ganges, It gave me lots of inspirations to work with one of the essential element Water. My artwork is a simple representation of what I felt and perceived while just being at these places. My journey is more of a visual creation rather than a deep philosophical conclusion.


Education – Bachelor of commerce, Rajkot, Gujarat. Vice President of TREES (Training and research in Environment and Ecological Sciences, New Delhi

Solo Shows: Elements of being solo show in Lalit Kala Akadmi, New Delhi 2016 - Spiralling Aspirations Installaion at National Stadium New Delhi. 2016 - Global Nomadic Art Project, Gujarat, 2015 - Timeless Moments’ at Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre. 2014 - Portraits of Vir Chakra Awardees for the 45 brigade command

(Golden Jubilee Paintings for Army Headquarters, Jaipur, Rajasthan. 2013 - Portrait of Param Vir Chakra Awardees for the Army Headquarters Jaipur, Rajasthan. 2013 PEHCHAAN - Yatra Anterman Ki, Ahemdabad. 2012 - Portraits of 'Ashok Chakra Awardees, South Block, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi. 2011- ‘PEHCHAAN’ show at Lalit Kala Academy Rabindra Bhavan New Delhi. 2011 - Portraits of Martyrs who have received Vir Chakra and Kirti Chakra for the Army Headquarters, Ranchi. Jharkhand. 2009 - Portraits of Param Vir Chakra Awardees that adorn the elite corridors of South Block, the Ministry of Defence, New Delhi. 2008

Group Exhibitions: India Art Fair Nov 2017 India - Art Gwangju 2014, South Korea - Swab Barcelona Art Fair 2014 - Spain Art Dubai 2014 - Dubai Art Edition 2014

from previous Project: Sailing Faith (2017)

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