Anjali Göbel (Witzenhausen)

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Artist Statement

Anjali Göbel collects and sorts. She puts things on a different context and finds new orders. She is not interested in the singularly and extraordinary but in the ordinary that comes in large numbers. With these isolated features she workes on gesso boards or installs directly to walls and floors or in nature.


Born 1958 in Frankfurt/Main.
After Graduation and a Carpenter Apprenticeship long and repeated stays in India and extensive travels thru Australia. In-between jobs as DJ, stage host and restoring old picture frames.
Works with material from nature since 1999, international exhibions and curating projects.
Lives and works in Witzenhausen.

from previous Project: Field of Thorns Thorns of Gleditschia on Sand (Vogelfrei, Darmstadt, 2013)

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