Moritz Dornauf (Darmstadt)

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Artist Statement

The foundation of his art is the energy he activates to make a painting. An idea creates an energy, which the artist sends into the material (color and the picture ground). Even a monochrome picture transports information from the artist. The observers get the information and create and mix them with their own ideas, life and energies. Moritz Dornauf likes to open the minds of the observers. He creates sculptures and chairs which make the observer unsafe. If there is nothing to grab what they know they become very sensitive and they open all their senses.

He builds chairs and in the height of the ears are the pictures – you can’t really see them but you can feel them – he called them -Listening-. Or in an exhibition, the observers had to climb ladders to look to the pictures. He creates shrines, special places, to focus the energy and the view.

Moritz Dornauf studied on the Hochshule für Gestaltung in Offenbach until 1976. He had exhibitions and collectors in different countries. He works and lives in Darmstadt.


born 1953, lives and works in Darmstadt

Exhibitions (selection)

1983 Kunsthalle Darmstadt; 1990 Galerie Sulmin, Danzig, Polen; 1995 Ikonenmuseum Frankfurt; 1996 Trinitatiskirche, Bonn; 1999 Farbmahl with Heike Krebs Bechtel, Bellevuesaal, Wiesbaden and Castle Ronneburg, Ronneburg; 2001 Dominikanerkloster, Frankfurt; Martinskirche, Kassel; Deutsche Bank, Darmstadt.

Exhibition participation (selection)

1985 Hessisches Landesmuseum; 1994 Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt; 1995 / 1997 Vogelfrei Darmstadt; 1999 Castle Philippseich, Hidden Places; 2000 The Hengstbach Project; 2011 Waldkunstpfad, Mount Lushan, China; 2012 Bienale Gongju, Korea; 2013 Waldkunstdorf, Darmstadt; 2015 Flowing Inspiration, Chengdu, China.

from previous Project: Projekt Wasserräder (4. Internationaler Waldkunstpfad, Darmstadt 2008)

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