Kund Kopacz (Hungary)

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Artists statement

Kund Kopacz’s works span across a spectrum of mediums ranging from photography, video, sculpture to installation art in natural environments. He seeks intervening in natural, urban and rural contexts by creating awkward situations, that reflect on global phenomenas present in-situ with a locally specific twist. Using bitter humour, he tries to highlight the fuzzy logic of humans in the era of the anthropocene.


born in ‘91, Csíkszereda, Romania

2016 Project for Orasul Vizibil, Cluj; Project at the International Summer School Architecture Installation Landscaping by Oberliht, Chișinău, Moldova; Exhibition at the UAD´s, Cluj; Residencyat Museum's Quartier Wien, throughtranzit.org and Erste Stiftung - 2015 MAMŰ Gallery / Sketch group exhibition of the new MAMŰ members / Budapest, Hungary; Incubarte 7 Festival @ Sala Lametro / group exhibition / Valencia, Spain; Erasmus+ traineeship in the studio of Virgilius Moldovan / Vienna, Austria; FKSE Gallery / GREEN group exhibition / Budapest, Hungary - 2014 Ringturm gallery / Young Art from CEE group exhibition / Vienna, Austria; MAMŰ Gallery / Natural Substances group exhibition / Budapest, Hungary; SI Gallery / VAD group exhibition / Yogyakarta, Indonesia; Yatoo AiR / residency and solo exhibition / Wongol (Gong Ju), South Korea; organised cooking and art events - 2013 ESSL Art Award CEE winner + VIG Special Invitation in Hungary; Mai Manó House / Nominees night group exhibition / Budapest, Hungary; ESSL Museum / Transcending Cultures group exhibition / Klosterneuburg bei Wien, Austria; Art-Nature Symposium with Duppini group / Gabrovtsi, Bulgaria; Kepes Institute / workflow and installation at the Ekler Dezső retrospective exhibition / Eger, Hungary

2012 Erasmus scholarship / Trabzon, Turkey, 2011 Magtart International Nature Art Symposium / assistant / Bódvaszilas, Hungary 2010 Eszterházy Károly College, department of Fine Arts / BA studies, class of Erőss István / Eger, Hungary; Geumgang Nature Art Biennale / assistant / Gong-Ju, South Korea

from previous Project: Watchtower Conflict (Hungary 2015)

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