Kim Soonim (South Korea)

kim 1) 2017 08 21 messel 5lines web kim 2) 2017 08 22 farm 7lines 02 web

kim 3) 2017 08 23 rhein a line web kim 4) kim soonim 2017 08 23 rhein web

kim 5) 2017 08 23 rhein the seat 01 web kim 6) 2017 08 25 felsenmeer moon on rock 04 web

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Artist Statement

I am a visual artist who interprets people and regions I encounter in my life with my subjective method. I try to express them with natural materials as installation, sculpture, plane figures or performance. Mostly, I express people with whom I could recall the place I exist or I have existed by choosing objects which properly reveal the subjects’ sentiment. Needlework is my frequently used method of expression. It has reference to my childhood. I grew up in the area of Sobaek Mountain and spent time mostly in nature where I found my playmates in mountains and fields. Growing up in a large family, I learned from my mother and grandmother, and became accustomed to needlework with which I could connect and associate things with needle and thread. ‘Travel’ is my important method of work to fill these curiosities and to create another.


Kim Soon-im is a Korean artist who lives and works in Incheon, Südkorea.

Education: 2007 MA in Art, 2002 Art diploma at the Ewha Woman’s Universität in Seoul.

Solo Exhibitions : Incheon Art Platform Incheon, South Korea / Tokyo Sanbachow Gallery, Japan / Youngeun Contemporary Art Museum, South Korea / SoMA Museum, Séoul Korea / Ox WareHouse, Macau / Openspace Bae, Busan, South Korea / ISCP Gallery, New York , USA.

Ausstellungen und Gastkünstlerin : 2016 : GNAP Süd Afrika / 2015: Buk-Seoul Museum / 2014: Wadden Tide International Land Art Exhibition, Dänemark / Gumgang Nature Art Biennale, South Korea / 2013: Triennale d’art textile, Hangzhou, China / 2010: Biennale de Busan, South Korea / 2009: Incheon Woman Art Biennale.

from previous Project: Weaving (GNAP South Africa 2016)

kim weaving 2016sep18 gnap sa web