Katharina Sommer (Darmstadt)

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Artist Statement

Art and nature, human being and nature. Specially the latter is an artificial (!) separation with which we often forget that we are part of nature. Only because we have houses and clothes we separate us intellectually from nature. But we are all in natural processes, for instance in the very positive tendencies of healing one self, restoring, repairing. But we are also dominated of decline and death. Sometimes I try to image these processes: clothing for trees and roots makes them more alike to us, they become beings in our phantasy. They resemble us.

With performances with or without masks I explore this area of our conception about human being and nature.



Katharina Sommer works many years until now with art. Since 1987 indoor and outdoor public performances and exhibitions with masks, performance, sculpture and fine art. Publishing Book: Maskenspiel in Therapie und Pädagogik (Mask play in therapy and education). Postcards about performances and films: Die Fähigkeit zur Verwandlung (The power of metamorphosis). Postcards about the embroidered photos: Kreuz-und Querstiche - Schleifenmädchen (Cross- Overstitching – the ribbon maidens). Postcards The Chinese women, embroidered photos


1951 Born in Stuttgart 1977 Diplome of Psychologie, GestaltTherapy, Psychodrama, maskwork. 1981 Birth of my daughter Mara with Moritz Dornauf, Painter and Tai Chi Teacher.

1984 Beginning of my work with Laura Sheleen, an american dancer who lives and works in France. Dance, movement with masks and objects. Performances and Exhibitions. From 1991 to 2010 www.maskenspiel-katharinasommer.de Maskplay, performances and exhibitions with objects

Group and Solo exhibitions

2011 Kreuz-und Querstiche Frauenmuseum Wiesbaden; art buy art Dreieich; Artist in Residence Forestart at Mt.Lushan, China; Remise Zwingenberg Oktober.

2012 Fraunhofer Institut Darmstadt; Frauenkulturhaus Bella Donna in Bad Oldesloe; Artist in Residence in Korea, Kreuz-und Querstiche

2013 Monsun Theater Hamburg ; Frische Blumen Fresh Flowers. Interactiv stitching performance on a graveyard in Darmstadt during the exhibition Vogelfrei art in gardens; Zeiträume, Ausstellungsbeteiligung , Offenes Haus Darmstadt 2014 Textil Fürstenlager Bensheim

2015 Performance Trees dressed and undressed during Vogelfrei, art in private garden; participating exhibition: artsummer Dreieich-Museum; participating Women in Peace and war Frauenmuseum Bonn

2016 Elternhaus Parental home, participating in home-textil; unknown ground Participating in Designhaus Darmstadt; Fadenwerk Threadwork with Elena Redaelli Kunstverein Bad Godesberg

2017 Single Exhibition Kunstladen Zeltnerschloss Nürnberg Cross-Overstitching; 8tung Attention. Participating exhibition of BBK Darmstadt Atelierhaus.

from previous Project: Dressed Roots (Südkorea 2012)

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