Atefeh Khas (Iran)

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Artist Statement

Nature is a pure place for my artistic inspiration. It is also the place for finding myself. This is for the human who finds meaning in nature, who comes from nature, and who will return to it again.

All challenges of human life, all concerns and plights of modern life, can be forgotten in nature for a quiet moment. Traveling, exploring nature, moving beyond the stressful city life, human and natural, are some of the themes that I seek to explore in my work.

Performance, fiber installation, site specific projects, film and photography are the varied ways I use to express this deep searching.


Atefeh Khas is an Iranian artist who was born in 1985. She received her MA in Art Research from Alzahra University, 2014, and BFA in Painting from Shahed University in Tehran, in 2010. She is a member of an environmental artists group Open 5 since 2005. She was the Art Director of Environmental Art Festival in Abr Forest in 2014. She was curator of video Persia exhibition in South Korea in 2013 and WaterWheel online exhibition in 2016. She has been participated in more than thirty Environmental Art Festivals in Tehran, Sangsar, Shahroud, Kerman, Qazvin, Polour, Hormuz Island, Shoushtar, Urmia, Khoram Abad, Semnan, Isfahan, Shiraz and Nowshahr since 2005. Her works has been exhibited internationally such as: Focus Iran: Contemporary Photography and Video at the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles, Kathmandu International Art Festival in Nepal and more in: Canada, United State, Belgium, Romania, South Korea, France, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungry, Tunisia and Poland. She was selected for the Environmental Art Residency Program in South Korea in 2012 .Her works published on the: cover magazine of The Middle East in London University of London (SOAS) in 2015, the Yatoo-i Environmental Art Calendar 2015, e-book- Water Views: Caring and Daring 2015, the International Environmental Art Wall Calendar 2012 with Low Art Group. She had two workshops about environmental art in 2014 at: Tehran University, Faculty of Art and The 5th Annual Contemporary Art Persbook with Open 5 Group. She was selected for the Almaken 2nd International Contemporary Art Festival in Tunisia in 2016.

from previous Project: Steps Series, Video Art (Mangrove Forest, Gheshm Island, Iran, GNAP Iran 2016)

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