Ute Ritschel (Darmstadt)


Ute Ritschel is a Curator, Cultural Anthropologist and Eat Art Performer.

Lives in Darmstadt, Germany.

Since 1995 curator of the biannual exhibition Vogelfrei - Art in Privat Gardens in Darmstadt and president of the Centre of Art and Nature Association in Darmstadt (since 2005). Since 2002 curator of the International Forest Art Association in Darmstadt and artistic director of the International Forest Art Centre. She organised twelve International Forest Art Path symposiums in Germany, USA and China, also six international conferences on topics related to Art, Nature, Forest and social research in cities. Founder of the Centre for Performance Studies (ZPS) and the Centre for Art and Nature(ZKN). Visiting professor, visiting artist and lecturer at several Universities in Germany and abroad f.e. USA, Canada, GB, Russia, Switzerland, Argentina, Costa Rica, China, Korea.

Her curatorial work includes Art in Nature, Sustainable Art, Performance Art and Eat-Art-projects. As anthropologist and dramaturge using the idea of artistic fieldwork and mapping the terrain.

Since 1999 producing ArtTables, a series of performative dinners, and creating Food performances. 2014 started to work with performative Food Photograpy. In 2017 curating the Global Nomadic Art Project Urban Nature Art Germany 2017.


ritschel 1) 21.8.2017 messel ritschel3078 web ritschel 2) 22.8.2017 ditta with shadow 2 am oberfeld ritschel3177 web

ritschel 3) 23.8.2017 lotus shell company am rhein ritschel3464 web ritschel 4) 25.8.2017 mushroom meeting 1 felsenmeer web

ritschel 5) 26.8.2017 kohldistelboot 2 am sand ritschel3983 web ritschel 6) 26.8.2017 mushroom family 3 otzberg ritschel3951 web

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