About GNAP

This project consists of three parts: Outdoor Nature Art Workshops, Indoor Nature Art exhibitions with 15-20 artists from around the world participating, and the publishing of documentation books from this project.

We expect to have different ideas from nature since every country has different types of natural environments. We will stay 1-3weeks in each country and work outside in these different natural environments. During the Nature Art Workshops, each country’s artist will show their individual artistic approach to Nature.

Ultimately, we are not interested in trying to make a large artwork for sale or to gain exposure in the art world, but rather we would like to leave traces of dialogue with Nature around the world through the creation of small, ephemeral artworks. The artists will listen and communicate with Nature through their work.

All the activities created in Nature will be documented in photos and video and then will be exhibited in a gallery or any possible indoor venue in each country and finally these works will be published as a catalogue and documentary film.

Urban Nature Art • Germany 2017

  • The group will consist of 13 international artists and 12 German artists, all well known in the field of land art or Nature Art
  • The general theme will be related to Urban Nature Art in the region of Darmstadt, Odenwald and Frankfurt. The rich geological and historical are in the middle of the UNESCO Global Geopark Bergstraße-Odenwald will provide spaces in the mountains, at the Rhein river, in the city centre and many more.
  • The artists realize ephemeral works during 16 workshops, in different places in the Odenwald and in Darmstadt
    An exhibition with photographic documentations will take place in the International Forest Art Centre at the end of the event. This exhibition will be presented for several month and there will be a travelling exhibition in different parts of the UNESCO Global Geopark.
  • A general catalogue of GNAP Europe will be published in Korean-English. It will include - for the German residency - a summary in German.